Edge of Tomorrow is set in the near future following an alien invasion. Tom Cruise plays an inexperienced soldier who gains necessary experience when he finds himself trapped in a time loop that forces him to repeat the same battle over and over. He works alongside Special Forces Warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) as they repeatedly get better at engaging the enemy with each loop.

News blog Comic Book Movie drew attention to all four of these Edge of Tomorrow featurettes, which focus not only on the actors themselves, but also the plot and the Exo-Suits that the soldiers in the film are wearing. Some fun information about those suits is that they’re actual suits, not CGI, per Cruise’s request. Depending on the version of the suit they had to wear, they could be hauling anything from 85 to 120 pounds of suit, which meant the cast had to be buffed out before production even began. More on the suits can be learned in the videos below.

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